Ladies and Gentlemen,

I was talked into starting this blog, nagged by three very dear friends who are probably tired of hearing my babbling about Hollywood classics. Although actually they said they would love to read about it: my finds, my rediscoveries, my recommendations and likes.

So this is how it starts: three posts each week, commencing today.

  • Mondays: Talkie if the Week
  • Wednesdays: TV Classics
  • Fridays: Miscellaneous. Actresses, actors. Hollywood fun facts.

Please check the “about” section for additional info and my list of previous and future posts, as well as the tags. If you’re looking for places to buy Hollywood classics, please have a look at my link section. Barbara Hale has her own section and Perry Mason, too, so please feel invited to explore those, too.

Any further questions? Don’t hesitate to ask!