Where can I find classic Hollywood gems on DVD?!

Where can I find more information on the actresses / actors / gems mentioned?

Where can I watch / listen to classics online?

4 thoughts on “Links

  1. Hi sweets,
    once again you’ve outdone yourself creating this lovely, stylish, informative and simple movie-devoted blog! This certainly will become my substitute for the newspaper-subscription we cancelled lately…
    Coffee and movies in the morning :)))

    • Well hi there & welcome, dear.
      You sure know how to cheer me on. 🙂
      I hope I’ll keep you interested with more posts to come. Especially if this is now your substitute for a newspaper subscription. 😉 My, I’m flattered.

  2. RerunCentury documents free classic TV videos in the public domain…

    The videos are those in the massive catalog at Internet Archive.

    Videos are browsable by series, broadcast date, and genre, with episode summaries.
    EZ to binge-watch the classics!

    Over 170 shows + over 1,300 classic episodes are indexed, including rarities.
    No registration, no video advertising. All available free.

    Might be a good fit to for this page of links.

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