Remake News of the Day

Ever since Hawaii 5-0 has been rebooted, producers are trying to jump on the bandwagon of remake success. Only most of them don’t make it and fall on their fannies instead. Ironside, Charlie’s Angels and Dallas (which was just recently canceled) are recent examples of a trend that’s not new but feels increasingly overdone.

I know, I know. Battlestar Galactica did fairly well and Matthew Perry may actually surprise us as Oscar Madison in the revival of the Odd Couple. But what do I hear is in the works now for NBC? A Bewitched spin-off focusing on Samantha’s granddaughter? I’m stunned. Didn’t the movie version scar us deeply enough?!

2 thoughts on “Remake News of the Day

  1. I wish I was a producer and had gotten my hands on Hawaii Five-O–instead of a watery General Motors commercial with flowery shirts, I would have gone all hipster retro with skinny suits and huge black sedans. Think Vincent Vega. Better still: period piece. I looked at the current abomination and found it unwatchable. Perry as Oscar is promising–too bad that skinny dude from the show with the geeks is already on a hit. Oh, yeh–big bang. That guy would be perfect–that character owes Tony Randall BILLIONS.

    • Hawaii 5-0 period piece, you’ve got my vote on that one! And your remark about Jim Parsons: dead on! 😀 Now I finally know who he reminds me off!!! Thanks heaps!

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