Hard Candy

All right, I admit it: I have a sweet tooth. Growing up, I couldn’t get enough of it. I always had a glass jar filled with colorful drops, gummi bears and licorice. I loved anise, caramel, double lollies and woodruff leaves. So guess how excited I was to find vintage candy stores online – from candy bars to necklaces, most of them offer sweets from all decades.

Old time Candy, for example, lists candy from the 1920s through 90s – all fresh and mouthwatering of course. Hometown Favorites starts in the 50s, specializing in “hard to find” tidbits that will remind you of a bygone world. Same goes for Nostalgic candy, another store that takes its customers right back to their childhood days by selling Dubble Bubble Gumballs or bubblegum cigarettes.

Candy Direct, The Vermont Country Store or Candy Favorites offer more nostalgic treats. With Halloween already waiting in the wings, what could be better than a basket full of retro sweets?!


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