Traveling in Style

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of traveling modern style. It just recently occurred to me when I was looking for a new set of suitcases. After digging through stores online and in person, I soon realized I’m not looking for just another black trolley, sporty backpack or carry-all. What I want is to travel vintage style.

You know what I mean: two suitcases in different sizes, a beauty case and a trunk. All adorned with my initials and carried by a porter at the airport or the station with me floating behind in my heels, suit and shawl.

My two-piece would be shapely of course, with a skirt that’s not too tight and not too short, nor too long. I’d wear an overcoat with (fake) fur appliqués that goes with the silky shawl wrapped around my curly head. My handbag would match my pumps and my hat – if I decided to wear one instead of the shawl. I’d wear gloves and take them off as soon as I’d settle on the plane or the train, a notebook and a pencil ready to sketch or do some writing.

Yes. Traveling in style, that’s what I’d like, to take a deep breath and embrace tranquility instead of restlessness. To feel feminine, sophisticated and independent – even if that means I have to run in heels to catch my train because, vintage soul or not, tardiness is a flaw of mine.


4 thoughts on “Traveling in Style

    • Thanks so much, Mandy. So happy to know you enjoyed this entry. 🙂

      It’s always a pleasure to meet fellow “vintage souls” and your blog looks positively darling. I clicked on your link and immediately decided to follow it. So many pretties, my heart just grew two inches.


      • So glad to e-meet you! I agree – love when I find fellow vintage souls. Sometimes I think I am the only person my age glued to TCM.

      • Ha! I completely know what you mean, but you’re definitely not alone! 🙂

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