The Giant Spider Invasion

Following up on my miscellaneous post on Friday, I am bringing you a rather unusual entry on this Monday morning, as an exception: a cult classic from 1975. Happy Halloween y’all!

Talkie of the Week: The Giant Spider Invasion

USA 1975, 84 minutes, color, Group 1 International Distribution Organization Ltd.. Director: Bill Rebane, Screenplay: Robert Easton and Richard L. Huff. Cast: Steve Brodie, Barbara Hale, Robert Easton, Leslie Parrish, Bill Williams, Alan Hale Jr., Kevin Brodie, Diane Lee Hart, Tain Bodkin, Paul Bentzen, J. Stewart Taylor, Christiane Schmidtmer, William W. Gillett Jr.

Plot summary: Giant spiders invade the world and are hungry for human prey. Dr. Jenny Langer is trying to save the world with a little help from NASA’s Dr. Vance.

The Giant Spider Invasion theatrical trailer

Review: The Giant Spider Invasion is a cult classic for everyone who likes to squirm and laugh a little on Halloween. Blessed with a decent cast, this science-fiction/horror movie is a lot of fun for everyone who doesn’t mind watching a VW beetle dressed up as a spider or B flick storylines. The main characters are beautifully introduced and portrayed with a lot of warmth and devotion that goes beyond the film’s meager plot.

Personally, I’ve not managed to sit through the entire film so far, my aversion to spiders is just too strong to go beyond the scenes with Barbara Hale as Dr. Jenny Langer, the scientist who is trying to save the world with her emerging love interest Dr. Vance (Steve Brodie). I do love her character though, the fact that she’s the expert and not only – as an unmarried woman in her early fifties – a damsel in distress.

In best mid-1970s tradition, Dr. Langer has to point out, of course, that she’s the specialist Dr. Vance is looking for when he first arrives at her research lab in small-town North Wisconsin and not her father, husband or brother. But be sure to know that Perry Mason’s former girl Friday knows how to set him straight with utmost charm and wit, a combination that really adds to the film’s magic, at least for someone like me who is not all that fond of sci-fi/horror flicks.

Available on VHS and DVD. Also part of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 collection.

The Giant Spider Invasion official website

2 thoughts on “The Giant Spider Invasion

  1. And I can say “I watched it.” – Well at least some scenes…
    For me the scene with the red long johns was the scariest.
    Happy Halloween!

    • Kudos from me, dear! 🙂
      I’ve tried to endure the spiders to “honor this day” but failed again. Way too yucky-creepy-crawly for me. *shudders*
      But I know what you mean: those red long johns are definitely scary in their own way. *LoLoL* I agree. 😉
      (who’s dressed up as Donna Stone for the occasion *boo*)

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