Assignment: Underwater

TV classics: Assignment: Underwater

USA 1960-61, 1 season,  39 episodes, approximately 25 minutes each, Syndication (NTA Film Network), black & white. Produced by: Frank De Felitta. Cast: Bill Williams, Diane Mountford

Plot summary: The show follows Bill Greer and his daughter Patty’s underwater adventures near the Californian coast.

Review: A classic adventure show, Assignment: Underwater focused on lead Bill Greer and his twelve-year-old daughter Patty. A skipper and scuba diver, Bill stumbled into adventures on his ship the “Lively Lady” and explored California offshore and underwater. Each episode featured a different storyline and adventure scenario, featuring Bill Greer as a loving father, expert scuba teacher and ex-marine.

Bill Williams starred as Bill Greer in this Sea Hunt inspired show. Diane Mountford was his sweetheart daughter. Originally offered to Bill Williams himself, the 1958 show served as a model for Bill’s own underwater adventure, a darling show that – despite its charming cast – did not survive more than a first season.

Essentially, Assignment: Underwater is a great show for fans of classic TV, Bill Williams and scuba diving. The episodes are family friendly and unobtrusive with entertaining yet suspenseful storylines. It is a beautiful show to lean back and relax to and I really hope that eventually they will release the full set of episodes for us all to enjoy.

Selected episodes available on DVD. Assignment: Underwater excerpt


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