Dressing in Style

All right, ladies (and interested gents), let’s talk beauty today. The kind that was fashionable some sixty years ago. Robes and girdles, wraps and circular skirts, petticoats, bullet bras, seamed stockings, stoles and shirt dresses…designed to make girls look glamorous, all-woman and elegant.

Are you like me? Do you miss the classiness of those bygone days? Hats, cardigans, playsuits and colorful scarfs embellishing female necks or taming perfectly trimmed curls…

Personally, I miss the 1940s the most, and then the 50s – those are my favorites: hairstyles, make-up, attire. The early 60s were swell, too, more so the 30s. But for me, those decades got nothing on those twenty years in-between with all the grace and stylishness celebrated then.

I love the colors, the patterns, the way a dress complimented a woman’s body, how it hugged female curves before it was in vogue to be all bones and boyishly slim. I love the exuberance of silk, lace and quillings as much as the rather plain, simple and almost linear suits. I like how stiletto heels perfect the femininity of a skirt,  a composition of an entire outfit with blouse, belt and lusciously cropped curls. I adore the room a 50s cocktail dress provides for my female belly, no matter how sporty and toned – I like to eat at a party, and sit for that matter, without that perpetual fear of blowing my favorite garment.

It’s  the great variety of styles from Katherine Hepburn’s sophisticated style to the all-American sweater, scarf, skirt and flats. Dolling up or roughing it, from those two decades I even love the pants.

If you want to learn more about vintage beauty, check out this blog called Glamour Daze.

You can also find new vintage clothes available in the US and in most of Europe at stores like Collectif, WhatKatieDid, Miss Mole or Joanna’s Wardrobe. There are a number of other stores out there, offering both original vintage clothing and new vintage style, including petticoats, hosiery and accessories.

For everybody who is as interested in vintage fashion design as I am and desires to create her own 40s/50s dream, check out the many blogs and websites for instructions and sewing patterns, e.g. WikiHow (here for hairdo’s).

You’ll see there’s a lot of information available for those of us who cannot ask our beloved grandmas about their precious secrets anymore.

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