When Women Call the Shots

Friday is miscellaneous day and today I’ve decided to bring you a recommendation for a book.

The book is called When Women Call the Shots – The Developing Power and Influence of Women in Television and Film and was written by Linda Seger.

This book is an excellent source of information and a real treat for everyone who is interested in the roots of Hollywood, the golden age of the studio system and the development thereafter. It’s a book that goes beyond movie stardom and lime light fairy tales. When Women Call the Shots is about the actual filmmakers – women behind the camera, in the studios, in management and storytelling.

Furthermore, the book addresses women who work in film these days – their responsibility, impact and perspective.

How did Hollywood present female characters, and how has that changed? What’s the perception of female filmmakers? How have female voices influenced success?

When Women Call the Shots is a smooth read, a witty book that touches all of these questions in times when more and more women are emerging in fields that are still dominated by male filmmakers.

Have a look inside the book on amazon and judge for yourselves.


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